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Employees of Bob Industries, Inc

Maria Leonov
Known for her skills in anything actiony, Maria is the head of the security team. Also the sister of Tsai. Do not pick a fight with this one.
Blix is of the Qlterpn species, and the most unliked member of the crew. Probably due to his bigoted views on humans, among other unlikable traits.
Mathieu Savain
Mat is the engineer, keeping the Galactic Manatee in working order. In his spare time he invents or battles super villains as his super hero alter ego, Downsizer.
  Tsai Leonov
The younger (adopted) brother of Maria, Tsai is still young and learning the ropes. A diehard fanboy who seeks action and adventure. He dreams of being as awesome as his sister.
Captain Bob Guy
Captain Bob is the owner of Bob Industries, Inc. and the Galactic Manatee. He leads his crew the best way he knows how to, by watching old sci fi movies.
  Judy Kekoolani
Quiet, shy, and reserved. And one heck of a pilot. When not flying the Galatic Manatee, Judy is usually found reading a book, or something equally refined.
Fergus Flynn
Dirty, stinky, and foul tempered. But a decent cook, despite some questionable techniques. Married to Manjula.
  Manjula Flynn
The very odd and very friendly goth girl, with no reason to be on the Manatee except that she's married to the cook. She's not crazy, she's eccentric.
Hoggert "Gert" Squalius
A member of the Hoggish species, Gert is an old friend of Maria's from her time spent in the military. Friendly, although very pig-headed and brash.
  Doctor Ampersand
A reprogrammed Torture Death Bot from the Human-Robot War. It's new A.I. is designed to serve as a medical bot, but apparently some of it's anti-human sentiments still linger.
Christi Nekomba
A bubbly, ditzy girl who is fascinated with boys and shoes. Despite this, she posesses a 157 IQ, and is highly skilled at science, math, and manning the laser turrets on the Manatee.
EXpendable Tools Readily Awaiting Subjugation. Clones available for purchase at any Big Mart, who will perfom any unwanted jobs.

the rest of the universe

The super hero alter ego of B.I.I. crew member, Mathieu Savain. Battles super villains that would threaten Epsilon City
Society of Evil Guys Seeking the Universe's Destruction. A terrorist organization bent on destroying everything in the universe.
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