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14 Dec 2010

Character page

The characters page is now updated and ready to be viewed. Most of the information within has been revealed, but it serves as a go to place to refresh your memory on the characters.

30 Nov 2010

DUH art contest

I posted a contest over on my DA account, go see: http://gotbob.deviantart.com/journal/36611416/

The deadline is Jan 9, if anyone here would like to join. It's helpful if you are a member of DeviantART, but if you are not, that's fine. Just post here that you'd like to participate and we'll work something out.

01 Nov 2010

Just to clarify

For those of you who have not been following my art for a while, you may not realize that the character "Captain Bob Guy" is based on myself. Mostly just physically, he lacks many of my personality traits (in an effort to ease myself into writing multiple characters, I put a little bit of my personality into all of the crew members. Blix is an a-hole, Maria loves guns and violence, Tsai is a fanboy, etc). Thus, the joke Manjula makes about Captain Bob resembling "The Artist" is just a fun little breaking of the fourth wall, which will happen from time to time.

Hope everyone is enjoying DUH so far, I know I'm enjoying making it. Also, I'll be making more changes to the layout later, adding a cast page, etc etc.

20 Oct 2010

Full speed ahead

Welcome to my comic, DUH. It's something I'm having fun writing and drawing, and hope you will enjoy reading. I have big plans for it, which of course requires my dedication for the next few years, at least. That's me, taking on large projects.

My record for an ongoing comic was 56(I think) strips posted every Friday for a full year. If I can keep this comic running for a full year, updating frequently and breaking 56 strips, I'll at least consider that an achievement. But I'd love to break 100 strips, or 200... maybe 1000.

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